Pablo Artal invitation to the 2021 ESCRS Amsterdam Satellite Symposia – ArtIOLs

Voptica will announce the first and only inverted meniscus intraocular lens (ArtIOLs) to improve peripheral vision at the 2021 ESCRS Satellite Symposium in Amsterdam on October 8. From 12:00pm- 12:45 pm. In the “Forum” hall.

ArtIOLs mimic the optics of the natural crystalline lens providing optimized field curvature and peripheral astigmatism leading to an improved peripheral vision[1].

“Current intraocular lenses are designed to optimize image quality at the eye’s central retina, with not much attention to their off-axis performance,” Pablo Artal, PhD, CEO and Co-founder of Voptica, said in a company news release. “IOLs are very thin in comparison with our natural lens. The reason is obvious, because we favor surgery through a small incision, but from the point of view of the optics in the periphery, the impact can be important since standard lenses provide a wrong field curvature and elevated astigmatism.”


The ESCRS satellite symposia panel will include KOLs such as Jose Luis Güell, MD (Spain), Oliver Findl, MD (Austria), Inés Yago, MD (Spain), and Pablo Artal, PhD (Spain).

Introduction: Dr. Jose Luis Guell (Moderator)
History and concept of the ArtIOLs.
Meniscus lenses for better peripheral optics and customized EDOF.
Prof. Pablo Artal (15 min)
The importance of peripheral vision in pseudopakic patients
Dr. Oliver Findl (10 min)
Clinical experience with ArtIOLs. Customzing EDOF.
Dr. Ines Yago (10 min)
Q&A from audience (10 min)

In addition of the benefits for patients in the periphery, ArtIOLs are customizable EDOF lenses that can be combined to achieve good vision at all distances without compromises.   

The lens is currently available for physicians in the European market. Voptica aims to obtained FDA approval in the future. 


  1. Artal, J.M. Marin, H. S Ginis, C. Robles, E. Alcon, E.Angel Villegas, P. Prieto, P. Taña-Rivero; Less astigmatism and better contrast sensitivity in the periphery of pseudophakic patients implanted with a new intraocular lens. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2021; 62(8):2012.

We look forward to seeing you all this year! – Pablo Artal CEO & Co-Founder of Voptica.