Voptica has reinvented the ophthalmic industry with the world’s first compact adaptive optics simulator.

Innovate every day with VAO® and you will be able to offer your patients the best results in visual quality.

Ocular aberrations

Subjective refraction

Visual tests

Depth of focus and spherical aberration

Intraocular lens simulation


What sets VAO® ahead from others

  Phoropter Auto-Refractor Aberrometer VAO
Objective Refraction + HOA*
Objective Refraction
Subjective Refraction + HOA*
Subjective Refraction
Simulation of premium optical solutions
(including IOLs)

* High order aberrations

The most advance technology
at your fingertips.


Measurement of ocular aberrations

Obtain your patient’s objective refraction and higher order aberrations automatically.

Measurement of subjective refraction

Obtain the visual prescription by interacting with your patient.

Visual tests

Select the best optical solution through a broad variety of advanced visual tests to gather the ideal prescription for your patient.

Depth of focus with spherical aberration

The depth of focus protocol will guide you to simulate spherical aberration (SA) and to extend depth of focus of a presbyopic patient.

Intraocular lens simulation

VAO® is the only instrument able to load any type of intraocular lens profile to allow the patient experience different optical solutions, like ArtIOLs®, before surgery.


VAO uses a Hartmann-Shack sensor to measure aberrations in the eye. With an array of microlens we can measure/calculate the deviation of a perfect wavefront

Its benefits?

LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) modulator is incorporated in VAO to manipulate the optical path allowing the correction and induction of any optical pattern.

Its benefits?


VAO incoporates a high-definition screen for visual testing. It allows to display different visual test scenarios such as: contrast sensitivity , videos with different conditions etc…

Its benefits?

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