Quality Policy

Quality Policy

In the field of quality and in relation to the products performed and the services provided, VOPTICA has as its main orientation of its actions to achieve with continuous efficiency the fulfillment of commitments with its customers and other stakeholders, efficiently applying available resources.

Consequently, this organization is committed to:

Comply with legal requirements and with explicit and implicit requirements agreed with the
following stakeholders:

  • With the customer: Achieve and maintain a high degree of performance in the processes that interact with our customers and users and other interested parties related to the use of our products and services, maintaining a high collaboration and continually evolving the delivered products and services provided.
  • With employees: having the most competent, motivated, and aware of the importance of the activities they carry out.
  • With society: to ensure an effective and efficient service and to maintain a high degree of relationship with the authorities and institutions.
  • With suppliers: To obtain an optimal supply for quality/price and to maintain a high collaboration with them.
  • To maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system, participating the whole company in the actions on the processes, identifying and eliminating possible causes of deficiencies and enhancing prevention against correction.
  • To establish and revise the annual objectives, considering as a frame of reference the guidelines of this policy and demanding an important level of quality, both in the products and services offered to the clients and in enhancing the quality of the work carried out by our personnel.
  • That the personnel who participate, directly or indirectly, in the realization of the products and provision of the services have an accurate knowledge of this policy.
  • That the policy guidelines are checked and maintained in force.

With the application of the principles of the UNE-EN ISO 13485:2016/A11:2021 standard to the activities of our quality management system, we assume as our own all the management criteria established in this internationally accepted reference.