The intraocular meniscus

Personalized by Adaptive Optics

The intraocular meniscus mimics the natural lens to provide optimized field curvature and better vision

  • Optimal asphericity personalized by Adaptive Optics.
  • Best focus or extended depth of focus tailored to each patient’s needs.

Optimized eye´s field curvature improves safety after surgery

Safety- Stairstep detection

Optimized spherical aberration for each patient and visual condition

Technical Specifications

Lens TypeSingle piece foldable lens
Power range+18.00 to +24.50 Diopters
Optical diameter6.0 mm
Total diameter13 mm
Optical designAspheric optics
UV protection Yes
MaterialHydrophobic Acrylic
Refractive index 1.53
Haptic designC-L haptic