Voptica provides customized visual solutions to enhance people´s quality of life.

Choose the best tailored-made solution based on your patients' needs.

Diagnostics, visual tests and simulation


It is the only visual simulator available in the world capable of testing different optical solutions prior to eye surgery. VAO® incorporates a wide range of time saving features in the clinic.

Intraocular Lenses - IOLs

ArtIOLs ®

Customizable intraocular lenses with extended depth of focus


ArtIOLs® IOLs present at AICCER Rome

La scorsa settimana abbiamo presentato al nostro distributore HealthTec srl le lenti intraoculari #ArtIOLs® 🇮🇹👀 Delighted to have through HealthTec srl booth many Italian #Ophthalmologists and

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