2-D Peripheral image quality metrics with different types of multifocal contact lenses

Scientific Reports
Miguel Garcia; Siegfried Wahl; Dibyendu Pusti; Pablo Artal; Arne Ohlendorf

To evaluate the impact of multifocal contact lens wear on the image quality metrics across the visual field in the context of eye growth and myopia control. Two-dimensional cross-correlation coefficients were estimated by comparing a reference image against the computed retinal images for every location. Retinal images were simulated based on the measured optical aberrations of the naked eye and a set of multifocal contact lenses (centre-near and centre-distance designs), and images were spatially filtered to match the resolution limit at each eccentricity. Value maps showing the reduction in the quality of the image through each optical condition were obtained by subtracting the optical image quality from the theoretical physiological limits. Results indicate that multifocal contact lenses degrade the image quality independently from their optical design, though this result depends on the type of analysis conducted. Analysis of the image quality across the visual field should not be oversimplified to a single number but split into regional and groups because it provides more insightful information and can avoid misinterpretation of the results. The decay of the image quality caused by the multifocal contacts alone, cannot explain the translation of peripheral defocus towards protection on myopia progression, and a different explanation needs to be found.