New 2022 Voptica Board of Directors Welcome!

«We are very pleased to welcome Françoise and Joe to the NEW board. Both have broad expertise in the ophthalmology and pharmaceutical businesses in which they have lead management positions in consolidated enterprises. I truly believe this will be a new phase for Voptica´ s future developments and current products VAO® Visual Adaptive Optics Simulator and ArtIOLs®, our new inverted meniscus EDOF IOL designed to improve image quality in the periphery,» Pablo Artal, PhD, CEO and Co-founder of Voptica.

Françoise Ganet comes with nearly 30 years of extensive experience in pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, and medical device industries in senior executive positions. Amongst them, 23 years fully dedicated to the ophthalmic space at Alcon.

Her leadership and operating expertise in opening, establishing, and managing over 25 markets in the EU, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia, will help guide our company in its important work ahead.

«I am thrilled and honored to join the Voptica’s board of director at a very interesting time for the company. Voptica have in their portfolio the VAO, the first Compact Adaptive Optics Simulator, an all-in-one device including phoropter, aberrometer and auto-refractometer offering a pre-op visual simulation to target the best visual post-op outcome. The dynamic and innovative team lead by Professor Pablo Artal also developed the ArtIOLs, a non-diffractive EDOF IOL with unique inverted meniscus aspheric shape, conceived to mimic the natural crystalline lens and providing optimized field curvature and improved peripheral vision for patients. Looking forward to joining Voptica in this exciting journey,» Françoise Ganet said.

Joe Sullivan, is a strong international business leader and strategist with a proven track record of success in managing international business organizations. He is the CEO of Emmetropes, a global catalyst for innovation and business in Ophthalmology. Prior to Emmetropes Joe was Managing Director of Esteve Pharma and Vice President of Marketing Strategy & Sales at Astra Zeneca in Spain. His roots in Ophthalmology trace back to 10 years at Alcon, where he was Director of Alcon Surgical Spain.

Joe Sullivan added, «I’m delighted to join VOPTICA’s Board at this exciting time for the company. Pablo Artal and his Team continue to bring breakthrough innovation to the Ophthalmic space and the new suite of intraocular lenses, ArtIOLs look particularly promising. We’re confidently looking forward to the benefits these unique lenses will provide patients and physicians.»

Here is the link to the official press release.