We are glad to announce that we have been acknowledged with a H2020SME Project “Better vision with photonics technology” (BeVision)

Voptica has developed the Visual Adaptive Optics (VAO) simulator, a disruptive innovation in eye testing, allowing patients to experience the effect of intraocular lenses or laser surgery on their vision before the actual operation, helping the patient and doctor to select their best solution and understand what their vision will be like post-surgery. Our technology is used by world-leading research institutes and lens-manufactures, but to prepare VAO for clinical market introduction our project BeVision will refine its software protocols, make it interoperable and clinically validate the technology. After a successful clinical validation, VAO will be the only medical device in the world that can measure objectively all eye aberrations of patients and, subsequently, simulate the different optical solutions to correct the patient’s eye imperfections during visual testing. A successful commercialization of VAO will radically change the way eye tests are performed by offering for the first time a real vision experience to patients, making it a highly competitive.