VAO        Voptica Video

    The world´s first compact Visual Adaptive Optics simulator

    VAO is a unique diagnostics device offering a complete solution. A new patented technology that incorporates the most cutting-edge Adaptive Optics (AO) based on liquid crystal. It provides an objective characterization of the eye and a real vision experience that allows the patient to test different optical solutions before surgery.

    Full control over the test and the optics.
    • Objective wavefront aberrometry. 100%
    • AO* subjective correction refinement (refraction + HOA**). 100%
    • Simulation that provides a real experience of different optical profiles. 100%

    * Adaptative Optics             ** High Order Aberrations

    The gateaway to personalize VISION

    • Fast evaluation and reduction of overall testing time.
    • Simulation able to reproduce every optical profile.
    • Compact, easily integrated with practice.
    • Outstanding diagnosis.
    • Exportable data base.
    • Streamlined and efficient software.
    • User friendly interface.
    • Full-HD touch screen.
    • PDF summary results ready to save, print and send.
    VAO surpasses the sum of the traditional measurement diagnosis devices
    Objective Refraction
    Objective Refraction + HOA*
    Subjective Refraction
    Subjective Refraction + HOA*
    Simulation of premium optical solutions (including IOLs)

    * High Order Aberrations

    Technical Specifications
    Aberrometer specifications 
    Aberrometer principleHartmann-Shack
    Pupil sizes3 - 8 mm
    Zernike order 2nd – 8th order
    # of micro lenses in maximum pupil315
    Range defocus ± 9 D
    Range astigmatism (negative cylinder convention)9 D
    Range higher order aberrations (4.5 mm)± 1 µm
    Laser specifications
    Wavelength780 nm
    Maximum laser energy at the corneal plane60 µW/cm²
    Adaptive optics
    Phase modulationLCoS
    Wavelength rangeVIS
    Number of pixels1920 x 1080
    Pixel size LCoS8 x 8 µm
    Linearity of modulation2 π @ 532 nm
    Artificial modulation pupil4.5 mm
    Modulator input: Standard wavefront mapZernike polynomials
    Modulation input: Custom wavefront mapUpload as csv-file
    Test stimulus
    Stimulus screenHD micro display
    Colors> 16.7 million colors
    Grey levels256
    Field of view3.8° x 2.1° vision angle
    General specifications
    Dimensions (L x W x H)0.89 x 0.36 x 0.56 m
    Weight25 kg
    Power input230 VAC (50 Hz)
    Nominal power
    200 W
    Connectivity2 USB, Ethernet