Convocatoria de Junta General Ordinaria   Por medio de la presente, en virtud de acuerdo del Consejo de Administración de fecha 22 de mayo de 2020, se convoca a los socios de la mercantil VÓPTICA, S.L. (en adelante, “Voptica” o la “Sociedad”), a reunión de la Junta General Ordinaria de la Sociedad para el próximo…


    Acto del 10º Aniversario

    ¡Comunicado Oficial!🗣️

    Mañana día 13 de febrero, en el #Parquecientíficodemurcia celebramos a las 12 horas nuestro 10º Aniversario como empresa.

    Contaremos con un programa muy interesante que podeis encontrar aquí .

    ¡Os esperamos!

    ARVO 2020

    Great news! We will be presenting our brand new IOLs ArtIOLs and VAO “Visual Adaptive Optics Simulator” in ARVO, Baltimore from May 3-7, 2020. Looking forward to seeing you in booth 5405. If you want to learn more, we will be more than welcome to assist you and inform you about our innovative solutions.  …


    First ArtIOL implantations!

    Great news! This week the first #ArtIOL implantations have been made in #Oftalvist Alicante, from the hands of the prestigious Dr. Tañá.

    #ArtIOLs mimics the natural lens to provide optimized field curvature and better vision. Optimal asphericity tailored to each patient’s needs.

    The unique technology for #IOL customization is here!


    Voptica Support

    The European Society of Cataracts and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) show in Paris this year was determined by new intelligent approaches for refractive surgery, new IOLs like ArtIOLs, and many other great technologies out there that will reshape the future of this field along with our Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator (VAO) + ArtIOLs. We would like…


    Edgar D. Tillyer Award

    The Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC has awarded our CEO Pablo Artal with the prestigious Edgar D. Tillyer Award. “Dr. Artal’s contribution to the study of human eyesight is terrifically important,” said 2019 OSA President Ursula Gibson. “His fundamental research on human vision, which has also led to clinical innovations, is absolutely deserving of Tillyer Award recognition.” Read…


    ESCRS farewell

    ESCRS has come to an end with really fruitful discussions from KOL in the cataract & refractive surgery field. Many interest for our unique technology and the best combination VAO + ArtIOLs to garantee patient satisfaction. Looking forward for the next edition. Pablo Artal, Eloy Villegas, María Barrera, Consuelo Robles & Luis Artal as part…


    ESCRS 2019

    We will be attending to the ESCRS in Paris to introduce our unique IOLs! We will also do demos of our visual adaptive optics simulator VAO! Come to visit us and see what Voptica can offer you!


    Convocatoria de Junta General Ordinaria   Por acuerdo del Consejo de Administración, se convoca a los socios de la mercantil VÓPTICA, S.L. a la Junta General Ordinaria que se celebrará el próximo 11 de junio de 2019, a las 12:00 horas, en Murcia en la sede social de la Sociedad, sita en Parque científico de…


    Pablo Artal received the Spanish National Research Award “Juan de la Cierva” from the Queen Letizia and the King Felipe VI

    Pablo Artal received the Spanish National Research Award “Juan de la Cierva”

    The professor of the University of Murcia Pablo Artal has received this Thursday the Research National Award Juan de la Cierva, in the field of Technology transfer. The delivery of these national prizes has taken place in the Royal palace The Brown one and has been presided by the Queen Letizia and the King Felipe VI.


    Pablo Artal interview with INFO Región de Murcia on the occasion of the National Prize of Research “Juan de la Cierva”.

    Pablo Artal, National Research Award: “Our ideas were exploited outside and we created Voptica to change the method”

    Artal is CEO of Voptica, in the Parque Científico de Murcia, plays in the World League of Illustrious scientists and professor of Optics at the UMU.

    “A major challenge of the Spanish science is that, if there are economic returns, they grow here”, are manifestations of the recently awarded one of the national awards of Research 2018, unanimously of the jury, in particular in the category ‘ Juan de la Cierva ‘ of Technology transfer.


    Tecnología para reproducir resultados antes de realizar una operación ocular

    VAO es un nuevo instrumento desarrollado por Voptica, ‘spin-off’ de la Universidad de Murcia,que permite realizar una simulación visual antes de cualquier tipo de cirugía refractiva.

    A medida que una persona envejece, desarrolla problemas de visión. Alrededor de los 65 años, más de la mitad sufre problemas como las cataratas, que supone una de las cirugías más comunes en Europa con 4.3 millones de personas que reciben tratamiento.


    New research paper with VAO!

    Repeatability of a Commercially Available Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator and Aberrometer in Normal and Keratoconic Eyes.


    To evaluate the repeatability of aberration measurement obtained by a Hartmann-Shack aberrometer combined with a visual adaptive optics simulator in normal and keratoconic eyes.


    We are glad to announce that we have been acknowledged with a H2020SME Project “Better vision with photonics technology” (BeVision)

    Voptica has developed the Visual Adaptive Optics (VAO) simulator, a disruptive innovation in eye testing, allowing patients to experience the effect of intraocular lenses or laser surgery on their vision before the actual operation, helping the patient and doctor to select their best solution and understand what their vision will be like post-surgery. Our technology…


    Visit our booth P246 at the ESCRS Lisbon 2017

    Visit our booth P246 at the ESCRS Lisbon 2017 to see VAO in action and enjoy a glass of our exclusive wine, Cerezalla!

    Every Day at 13:00 and 17:00

    Do not miss the opportunity to discover what VAO can do!

    Visit our booth for a demo: P246