ArtIOLs®: First Inverted Meniscus Optics IOLs delivering Superior Peripheral Vision

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) designs are constantly evolving to improve patients’ vision needs. Trifocal diffractive IOLs are designed to achieve good visual acuity at all distances, but they are associated with some visual disturbances. Extended depth of focus IOLs are an innovative technology to achieve good visual acuity at different distances and reducing the disturbing visual effects of diffractive trifocal IOLs.

Today, we stand on the brink of a major innovation in cataract surgery with ArtIOLs® (Voptica S.L.). ArtIOLs® are simultaneous vision IOLs, achieving full visual range1 (Fig.1). With their non-diffractive technology, ArtIOLs® minimize photic phenomena such as halos, glare and starbursts1 as well as negative dysphotopsias2 while delivering high level of spectacle independence

Fig.1. Binocular Uncorrected Defocus Curve of ArtIOLs® 40/70.  Best Corrected Monocular Defocus Curve of ArtIOLs® 40 & ArtIOLs® 70.

These new IOLs achieve good vision at all distances and moreover produce superior image quality in the whole visual field3. The unique inverted meniscus optics are a better surrogate for the crystalline lens4 compared to biconvex intraocular lenses that reduce optical quality in the periphery (Fig. 2). ArtIOLs®, with their advanced proprietary optical concept conceived to mimic the crystalline lens, improve peripheral vision3 and minimize negative dysphotopsias2.

Fıg.2. Point-spread functions (PSFs) calculated from eye models of a phakic human eye, and pseudophakic eyes with standards biconvex IOL or an inverted meniscus IOL. The extension of the PSFs at the larger eccentricities are significantly increased in the case of a biconvex IOL4.

ArtIOLs® are the next generation IOLs. ArtIOLs® achieve excellent vision at all distances minimizing photic phenomena1, improving peripheral vision3 and reducing negative dysphotopsias2. ArtIOLs® are an innovative piece of engineering that is setting new standards and raising the bar for patient outcomes.

Unlock the future of cataract surgery with ArtIOLs® proprietary IOL technology – where cutting-edge optical science meets exceptional vision enhancement. Because everyone deserves access to world-class expertise for clearer and better vision. Eye care professionals across Europe can now benefit and offer ArtIOLs® to their patients.  For non-european markets, please contact Voptica S.L. regarding regulatory approval in your region

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